YIFAN Crusher actively respond to market demand for transformation crusher

The prospects for the development of the crusher industry with decades of rapid development of China's economy has come to an end, today's social development is no longer the amount you can charge and good times, the crusher industry urgently transformation and upgrading.How to promote industrial upgrading of the crusher?

According to the history of the development of the foreign crusher enterprises, the process is generally long, can not be done overnight. Thus, China crusher want to achieve industrial upgrading will be a long process and can not be rushed. China is now the face of the United States to return to Asia and the strategy of containment of China, the upgrading of the manufacturing sector but also to assess the situation, the premise should not affect the economic and social stability.

The future, the direction of the crusher industrial upgrading in China should grasp should be quality driven industry, with a minimum investment, consumption, emissions to produce the highest quality products. Way to contribute to the development of crusher industry quality driven industry, YIFAN think that the achievement of these goals, rely on innovation, adhering to the scientific and technological innovation, product innovation, brand innovation, innovation in organizational structure, business model innovation , which have contributed to help enterprises improve the quality of the crusher.

2013 YIFAN has been closely arranged throughout the year upgrade program to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading products. Preferred, the first half will be completed large model chosen, advanced models JC jaw crusher, HCP hydraulic crusher, SMH hydraulic cone crusher, SMG single-cylinder cone crusher machine equipment upgrade to meet Mining rectification technology to the needs of large-scale crushing and screening equipment. In addition, the company will continue to increase research and development efforts on new VI impact crusher, impact crusher four series of new product development and strive to be completed in early October.

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