YIFAN Crusher dedicated to building materials market

 Due to China's macroeconomic has been in a downward trend in the second quarter of 2012,government have timely introduction of a new economic stimulus plan,and a substantial growth in investment in the construction of railways, highways, will boost the development of the construction industry and related industries.A large ber of funding not only to stimulate domestic demand to play a good role in promoting China's construction industry, gravel crusher market will usher in a new trend also.
High-speed railway construction goes without saying that the large market demand of the sand and gravel aggregates,sand and gravel production lines across the country rise higher challenge the production and performance of the crusher equipment.Under the pull of the market in the economic stimulus as well as sand and gravel market,YIFAN the largest crusher equipment manufacturer introduce equipment technology of whole sand production line producing 3,000 tons of amazing production with sophisticated design and collocation program.This is tantamount to a cardiac stimulant for gravel manufacturers and railway construction contractors,provides strong support for the big rise of the railway construction.
But in terms of the nature of the entire building, railway and road construction in China belong to the field of high-rise buildings.The quality of the railway will have an important impact on transport effects as well as the healthy development of the whole industry is equally important, so the quality of the sand and gravel aggregates.YIFAN developed and produced the largest crusher equipment been added foreign advanced design elements into the manufacturing process for ensuring the production and quality of the sand and gravel aggregates,significantly reduction of strict flakiness,excellent shape grain,in full compliance with the requirements of the national building materials.

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