The Crusher operation common two and three stage-YIFAN

Crushing process is the first step of ore dressing operation, the process can be normal work stability directly affect the follow-up work of crusher. Crushing process generally includes screening homework, crushing and screening homework assignments is broken, all broken section of the sum of constitute a broken screen flow. In mine beneficiation production process, crushing stage is the first stage, according to different types of mineral dressing, the different grinding particle size and so on, crusher by commonly, crusher, finely composed of primary crushing. Crusher operation stage classification and crushing process, in the process of crushing, to large size of ore, a broken to the required fineness is impossible, must be piecewise. Crushing process generally adopt two or three stage crushing. Two stage crushing process is divided into two segments of open circuit and closed circuit two pieces. The second section of the crusher and test sieve into closed circuit, which can guarantee the product particle size requirements, does not affect the grinding operation. Secondary process only suitable for small mines underground mining method, the total reduction ratio is not big, generally at about 15-25, crusher ore quantity are few, often less than 1000 tons/day.

In terms of two stage crusher process, most of the concentrator used two period of a closed circuit process, namely the second period of crusher and screening machine cable production. Crusher particle size requirement of the product, so can guarantee does not affect the ball mill operation. And two period of process is used to open some gravity concentrator, the broken product then sent to a rod mill. Two stage crusher process is only suitable for small mines, underground mining, the production capacity of less than 500 tons/day. Because the total crusher ratio is needed for this situation, and the capacity of crusher is not high also. Three stage crusher process has three open circuit with three sections. In figure has in advance before three stage crusher screening, but also can be in the first paragraph or the second paragraph without prior screening.

Three sections of open circuit mainly because cannot ensure the final product particle size requirements, general rarely used. Three sections of a closed circuit process, namely in the third paragraph with check screen is divided into closed, this is the most common process. Suitable for large, medium and small concentrators, its total reduction ratio is bigger, also can be up to 25, 200 or so, feed particle size is 1000 mm or so, most spalling product particle size can reach 12 mm or more fine. For three open process, because of the last paragraph is still open, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of broken product granularity and commonly used in large ore concentrator processing moisture content is higher. The three sections of a closed circuit process, the most commonly used in a large and medium-sized concentrator crusher screen flow. In material handling, the second section of the crusher product and the third cycle load, has been sent to closed-circuit screening operation.


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