Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

VI Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers have another name called Sand Maker, which is high-performance equipment for sand making and shaping, is researched and produced by our corporation through absorbing the advanced technology from Germany, and has achieved world advanced standards. This equipment has two types: rock-on-rock and rock-on-iron. Sand yield of “rock-on-iron” type is higher by 10-20% than that of “rock-on-rock” type. VI Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is widely used in fine crushing and rough grinding of metal, mineral, building aggregate, concrete, anti-fire material, glass raw material, manufactured sand and all kinds of metallurgical residue. It is also can utilized in shaping of high rank road surface.

Working principle:

Material falls down to impellor cavity. Under great centrifugal force, it hits material that coming downwards. After hitting each other, they force a vortex between impellor and shell, and hit each other several times, finally smaller stone comes out, and goes to vibrating screen. Satisfactory material is transported by conveyor belt. However overlarge material will go back to Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher to be recrushed. Output sizes can be made according to customer’s requirement.

Features and Advantages:

[1] High crushing efficiency and function of fine crushing and rough grinding;

[2] Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance and low operating cost;

[3] Excellent product of cubic shape, and small fraction of elongated flaky particle shape, which is suitable for aggregate shaping and manufactured sand.

Range of application:

[1] Vertical shaft impact crusher is widely used in manufactured sand producing of river gravel, mineral and stone ships ect.

[2] It is used for producing building aggregate, concrete, aggregate for road surface and roadbed, asphalt concrete and cement concrete.

[3] It is also used for sand making and shaping in the field of engineering such as water conservancy, hydroelectric power, high-class highway, railway, bridage and municipal works.

[4] It is used in fine crushing of ming industry such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical engineer, ming, anti-fire material,cement ect.

[5] Vetrtical shaft impact crusher is used for producing glass raw material and quartz sand ect.

Technical Parameter:

Model PCH-0402 PCH-0404 PCH-0406 PCH-0606 PCH-0808 PCH-1010 PCH-1016 PCH-1216 PCH-1221
Rotor length(mm) 400×200 400×400 600×400 600×6400 800×800 1000×1000 1000×1600 1200×1600 1200×2100
Max feed size(mm) 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 400 400
Discharge rang(mm) ≤30 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30
Motor(KW) 5.5 11 15 30 45 90 110 155 220 280 355 450
Output(t/h) 8-12 16-25 22-23 30-60 75-105 160-200


1.The capacity is total tons per hour passing through crusher at open circuit when crushing mid-hard material and loose density with1.6×103Kg/m3. Capacities are relative to physical character and type of feeding, feeding size and composition and so on.

2.The number inside brackets is applicable to low corrosive material.