YIFAN jaw crusher in the areas of technology has a powerful space for development

As we all know, jaw crusher has a broad and important role in the field of mining crushing With the rise of the construction waste disposal industry in recent years, due to higher construction waste concrete hardness so that the jaw crusher in the areas of technology has a powerful space for development.

JC jaw crusher for construction waste recycling, most state-of-the-art technology is owned exclusively by YIFAN the company's R & D to break the traditional jaw crusher operation areas and concepts, bold use the world's most advanced finite element analysis techniques, making the series jaw crusher in construction waste recycling project "war fame, successfully resolved the problem of urban transformation process of construction waste waste siege and final transfiguration environmentally friendly renewable building materials be used again in the city building construction.In addition, due to the energy efficiency of the JC series jaw crusher, green has become Aggregates Production technology of choice for equipment of buildings, roads, railways, and other fields. In particular, can greatly improve the infrastructure of the need for sand and gravel aggregate production.

Domestic mining equipment industry, YIFAN Jaw Crusher in the capacity as well as the effectiveness of superiority has not go beyond. YIFAN JC series jaw crusher movement is one of the world's most advanced and proven four-link mechanical design theory, increases the crushing chamber bidirectional nip angle, short brackets put on a large angle to reduce the transmission angle and eccentricity, improve product performance and reliability. JC series jaw crusher discharge opening adjustment range of 10 to 275 mm, much larger than the adjustment range of the PE series, in certain conditions, a JC series jaw crusher machine can replace two PE series jaw crusher machine.


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