Yifan machinery JC jaw crusher improve the mechanism of sand process

  Yifan machinery JC jaw crusher improve the mechanism of sand process
  Traditional sand process, because the crusher hammer crusher, easy loss, need to use the advanced technology of the cone crusher and other equipment. But because the cone crusher is expensive, small and medium-sized general mechanism of sand production enterprises difficult to bear. But the new JC jaw crusher the successful development of machine, broke the embarrassing situation, so that the user is more selective.
  Mechanism of sand raw materials are generally basalt, diabase, pebbles and other high hardness material, ordinary equipment is difficult to guarantee the quantity and discharging. JC series hydraulic jaw crusher is aiming at the hard rock in R & D and manufacturing. Especially suitable for crushing in hard, strong abrasive materials.
  JC jaw crusher is capable of upgrading the technological achievements, the jaw crusher won numerous customers since been popularized, instead of the traditional manufacturing process of the original, as in fine crushing equipment industry, an aggregate. JC hydraulic jaw crusher with respect to the two level the traditional crusher, whether it is life, repair rate, fault rate is demonstrated its superiority compared with incomparable, and supporting the use of cone crusher, stone shaping machine, the cost is the bottom.
  In the future, Yifan machinery will continue to reform and innovation in the aspects of improving traditional sand process processing capabilities, to maintain the leading position in the industry.

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