Jaw crusher meet the market demand for new development
  Jaw crusher meet the market demand for new development
  Jaw crusher is mainly used for all kinds of ores and medium - size bulk materials broken, can be broken compressive strength is not more than 320Mpa materials, divided into coarse and fine broken two broken. Highway aggregates depends on the wear value, crushing value, crushing value, apparent density, impact value, at the same time, pavement stone demanding. Machine equipment for production of gravel size appropriate, flakiness less, less dust, gravel containing soft rock, weathered rock less Jaw crusher, is the ideal equipment for stone production, sand production. In the discharge port adJusting work has certain advantages in Jaw crusher, it need not add gaskets in the crushing process different, only by adJusting the machine can complete, simple and rapid operation.
  With the development of the market demand, Jaw crusher technology upgrading is inevitable, it will be a development of the crusher opportunity. But it sounds an alarm to us, improve the process of Jaw crusher, the mechanical service life increase, imminent. The increase in market demand, crushing equipment upgrading, brought the Jaw crusher export market investment opportunities and crusher enterprise diversification of investment opportunities. China is already a Jaw crusher production country ranks, the next few years as our product has some advantages, crushing machine to enter the international market has become an inevitable trend. At present, the introduction of prototype and technology makes the base of our high-end products and export products supporting more development prospect, so enterprises to invest in the basic technology and basic parts chance.
  As the domestic crusher industry leader, the European version of the crusher, counterattack crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, Jaw crusher and other equipment are technology and quality of the perfect combination of Zhengzhou Yifan machinery R & D and manufacturing, rely on the use of international advanced standards and the latest computer automation technology, strengthen the quality and design of the structure, shape the high-end brand image, enhance product added value. The Jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment, is also the first choice of primary crushing equipment, but also a high efficient, energy-saving crushing equipment.

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